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MarketLife events are a platform where diversity, creativity, and local talent can take centre stage. As the hub for event organisation across Western Australia, we cater to a range of events designed to champion local enterprises. Whether you're a seasoned vendor or an up-and-coming artisan, we provide opportunities to spotlight your unique offerings at a plethora of engaging events.

The heart of our mission is to showcase high-quality, local goods at events we organise on behalf of various clients (or ourseleves!). We're engaged by councils, non-profit organisations and businesses to help them craft events, and we tailor each event to have its own unique atmosphere and target audience. Our focus on authenticity and craftsmanship welcomes not only handmade goods but also a wide spectrum of products. We invite a diverse mix of vendors to participate, from food artisans to lifestyle product creators, ensuring a dynamic, engaging mix of stalls at every event.

If you're new to the market scene, fear not! We are passionate about supporting emerging artists, students, and novice entrepreneurs. MarketLife offers mentorship and guidance to help you navigate your journey, solidify your brand presence, and maximise your exposure.

Interwoven with the local community, MarketLife events serve more than commerce; they cultivate community spirit. We uphold high standards of professionalism and positivity and anticipate our stallholders to contribute to the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that defines our events.

Our broad portfolio of locations offers the chance to connect with diverse audiences. From the heart of Perth to picturesque settings like the University of Western Australia, every MarketLife-organised event provides an opportunity for growth and connection.

Before embarking on your MarketLife journey, we recommend reviewing the unique Terms and Conditions for each event you apply to. These documents provide specific details about the event, its objectives, and its requirements. Our team is always on standby, ready to assist with any questions or clarifications. Reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

MarketLife Events

MarketLife is a premier event management and consulting firm based in Western Australia. We specialise in organising a variety of markets and festivals on behalf of a diverse range of clients, including councils, businesses, and non-profit organisations. Our mission is to create engaging, dynamic community experiences that support and promote local businesses, artisans, and creatives. We also provide consulting services for event strategy and planning, and operate a user-friendly stallholder portal for easy event application and management.
Yes, anyone can apply to become a stallholder at MarketLife events. Whether you're a seasoned vendor or an emerging artisan, we're always on the lookout for a variety of high-quality offerings. Keep in mind, each event might have its own unique criteria based on the event's theme, audience, and location. Ensure to read and understand these criteria before applying.
You can apply by creating a stallholder profile in our portal, which you can find on the MarketLife website. The portal offers a step-by-step process that guides you through account creation, profile completion, and event application. If you run into any issues or need assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.
Absolutely! At MarketLife, we welcome and support emerging artists, students, and novice entrepreneurs. We’re committed to fostering talent and giving it the exposure it deserves. We also offer mentorship and guidance to help you navigate your journey and solidify your brand presence.
The first thing we recommend is reviewing your profile with us. Have you described your business well? Have you submitted images to support your application that show your business / products in the best light? If you are in a competitive category (such as candles or jewellery for example), have you made it clear what makes your business different? Look at updating your profile before applying again to improve your chances of acceptance. Please also review the types of stalls being accepted for events to avoid disappointment. Certain events (such as Upmarket Art Fair) for example will not accept particular business types.
We are committed to fostering local talent and provide various types of support, including mentorship, guidance, and opportunities for exposure. If you’re a new or emerging artist or business owner, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.
After you submit your application through the stallholder portal, it will be reviewed by our team, after the closing date for applications to that particular event. You will then be notified regarding the status of your application by the Application Notification Date for each event you have applied for. If you're selected, you'll receive all the necessary details and instructions about the event.
We maintain high standards of professionalism and positivity at our events, and we expect our stallholders to contribute to this friendly and inclusive atmosphere. We also require stallholders to read and abide by the Terms and Conditions for each event they apply for.
We host a wide range of markets, each with their own unique atmosphere and product preferences. Many of our markets are perfect for selling locally handmade items, but we also organize events for food vendors, lifestyle product creators, and more. The product preferences will depend on the specific event you apply for so ensure you take the time to read prior to applying.
Yes, while many of our events emphasize handmade products, we also organize events that are open to a wider range of products, including food items, lifestyle products, and more. Please check the specific criteria for each event before applying.
Yes, we welcome a diverse range of vendors, including food artisans. However, all food sellers must comply with local food safety and hygiene regulations. Please check the specific requirements and permissions needed for selling food at the events you're interested in. All costs associated with food permits are the cost of the individual business.
While we take pride in promoting local Western Australian talent, the eligibility criteria can vary from event to event. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions for each event you are interested in to know if you're eligible.
Yes, non-profit organizations are welcome to apply to our events. Our diverse markets offer a fantastic opportunity for non-profits to engage with the community, raise awareness, and even conduct fundraising activities.
It depends on the specific event. Some events may allow stall sharing, while others may not. Please refer to the event-specific Terms and Conditions or reach out to us for clarification. If an event does allow stall sharing both businesses must apply to the event.
We understand that unexpected circumstances can occur. If you need to cancel your participation, please inform us as soon as possible. Specific cancellation policies may vary per event, so be sure to check the event's Terms and Conditions.
You can reach us by using the Contact Us page on the MarketLife website. Our team is always ready to assist with any queries or concerns you might have.

Stallholder Portal

That's not a problem! While providing these details can help us better understand your business and best serve you for promotion, they are not mandatory for the application process. If you don't have a website, Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram username, or Etsy shop name, you can leave those fields blank in the application.
You can add photos by clicking the '+Add' button next to 'User Photos' in your profile on the Stallholder Portal. You will need to add at least three images showcasing your work, and there is no maximum limit to the number of images you can add. Images do need to be added one at a time.
We ask for a minimum of three images to get a better understanding of your work. These images could be of your products, your production process, or past stalls you've had at other markets. The more illustrative they are of what you offer, the better.
Yes, you can update your stallholder profile at any time. If you've made changes to your product range, have new images to share, or any other updates, you can log in to the stallholder portal and make those changes. Once you have made changes you will need to contact us to let us know of these changes if you have already been accepted to an event to ensure there is no conflict with other stallholders already attending.
Yes, you can change your preferred stall type by clicking the 'Edit' button for that specific market date, as long as the application period for that event is still open. If the closing date has passed, please contact our Stallholder Management team for assistance.
Yes, you can withdraw your application for an event as long as the application closing date has not passed. To do this, find the application under 'Existing Applications' in the Stallholder Portal and click the 'Delete' button.
After you submit your application for an event, it will appear under the 'Existing Applications' section on the portal. You will be notified regarding the status of your application by the 'Application Notification Date' for each event you've applied for.
If you're experiencing issues with the portal, please get in touch with our Stallholder Management team. We're here to assist you and make your application process as smooth as possible.

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