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Navigating the bustling world of markets and small business is an exciting journey. Yet, like all adventures, it comes with its unique set of challenges. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur setting up your first stall or an established brand looking to broaden its reach, MarketLife's range of bespoke workshops can give you the strategic insights and practical skills you need to grow and thrive.

Our training sessions, crafted and delivered by Erin, the founder of MarketLife, and the team of experts we work with, span a wide range of topics. From mastering social media and creating compelling content, to developing a small business mindset and articulating your craft with confidence, our courses offer tangible skills and relevant knowledge you can apply immediately.

Here are some of the workshops we've hosted in the past:

Small Business Mastery

Navigate the nuances of running a successful small business with a focus on inventory management, pricing strategies, and nurturing customer relationships.

Elevating Your Market Presence

Learn how to optimise your market presence, from effective visual merchandising to understanding customer behaviour and perfecting your sales techniques.

Beginner's Guide to Navigating Social Media

Establish a strong digital footprint on diverse social media platforms, create engaging content, and understand the foundations of online marketing.

Integrating Marketing and Social Media

Blend traditional marketing methods with the power of social media to enhance your reach and foster customer engagement.

Building a Distinctive Brand

Uncover the elements that define a unique brand, communicate your brand story effectively, and distinguish your stall amidst a sea of vendors.

Articulating Your Craft

Master the art of speaking passionately about your work and practice. Discover techniques to attract and retain customer attention, share your creative journey, and sell your products compellingly.

Crafting Captivating Content

Learn to create captivating content that resonates with your audience. Capture professional-grade photos, write compelling product descriptions, and create social media posts that echo with your followers.

Cultivating a Successful Small Business Mindset

Develop a mindset built for success with resilience, effective goal-setting, and strategies to navigate the hurdles of entrepreneurship.

Drawing from her extensive experience in training and education within a large government organisation, Erin brings a wealth of practical knowledge and vibrant energy to every workshop. Her passion for sharing insights has led her to speak on a multitude of topics, and she welcomes opportunities to engage in conversations about creativity, mental health, work-life balance, and more.

Interested in exploring more? We'd love to provide you with a copy of our Speaker's Kit, outlining Erin's broad array of topics and speaking experiences. MarketLife is here to support your journey – let's grow together. Reach out to us today and ignite your journey with the power of informed knowledge.

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