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Garden & Gourmet

**Garden & Gourmet Series**

Embark on a journey where nature's beauty meets culinary delight! MarketLife, the creative force behind Perth Upmarket, Perth Makers Market, and other bespoke events, is excited to introduce Garden & Gourmet. This unique event brings together the charm of garden-inspired living with the allure of gourmet food and beverages.

At Garden & Gourmet, indulge in a delightful array of retailers showcasing everything from lush plants and elegant garden sculptures to garden-related products, each adding a touch of greenery to your life. But that's not all – your taste buds are in for a treat too! Savor an exquisite selection of food and beverages, meticulously chosen to cater to both ardent food lovers and those eager to explore new tastes.

Join us in this enchanting fusion of flora and flavours, where every corner is a celebration of creativity, passion, and community. Garden & Gourmet is not just an event; it's an experience that promises to connect you with the heart of Perth's vibrant local businesses and artisanal talents. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where gardens flourish and gourmet thrives!

Event Dates and Times

Upcoming Markets Market Date Market Time Application
Closing Date
Garden and Gourmet - Launch Event 03-Aug-2024 10:00AM-4:00PM 28-Jun-2024 Sent

Stallholder Information

Applicants should read the Terms and Conditions before applying for events. Note that Terms and Conditions change for different Market Series as required by the event host. Please click here to view the Terms and Conditions for Garden & Gourmet.

Accepted Business Categories: Handmade, Designed, Imported, Services, Food/Beverage, Non-Profit, Vintage Goods

Become A Stallholder

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Stall Pricing

Stall Type Size Price
Garden & Gourmet Standard Launch Price 3m x 3m $200.00
Garden & Gourmet Corner Launch Price 3m x 3m $250.00
Garden & Gourmet Coffee/Cold Sweets - Launch Price 3m x 3m $250.00
Garden & Gourmet Trailer - Launch Price 3m x 6m $300.00

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