By Perth Upmarket at UWA

Upmarket Wedding Fair

Wedding Upmarket is a platform for WA’s most creative wedding designers and suppliers to connect with couples who are looking to create a personal, meaningful and unique wedding experience.

All exhibitors are West Australian which means that couples can be in close contact with them, while also supporting local. Wedding Upmarket events are small, intimate and inclusive of all ages and relationships. The spaces are open and welcoming which makes it easy for couples to have a conversation with designers in a relaxed atmosphere. A lot of time and effort goes into styling our exhibitors’ spaces to showcase their work in the best possible light. Even better – the Wedding Upmarket event is free entry!

Wedding Upmarket and Perth Upmarket events are a great opportunity to help achieve this, as well as our collaborative community and delivery of learning programs to help creatives run sustainable and successful businesses.

Stallholder Information

Applicants should read the Terms and Conditions before applying for events. Note that Terms and Conditions change for different Market Series as required by the event host. Please click here to view the Terms and Conditions for Upmarket Wedding Fair.

Accepted Business Categories: Handmade, Designed, Imported, Services, Food/Beverage, Vintage Goods

Become A Stallholder

We use the MarketLife stallholder management system to receive all applications - you can find closing dates for applications for each event here.

If you have previously created a profile in this system you can simply log in to your existing profile to apply. If you have not used this system before you will need to create a profile for your business in order to apply.

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