Small Batch, Big Ambitions: The Story of Hillarys Distillery

Driven by a deep passion, Chris and Celina from Hillarys Distillery embarked on an exciting journey amidst the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic. With years spent diligently building their careers, they found themselves at a crucial juncture, yearning to translate their shared passion for fine foods, alcoholic beverages, and hospitality into something tangible.

They set out to establish a distillery aiming to create a family-run legacy in their hometown. Come along as we unravel the captivating story of Chris and Celina's family-run distillery, where the rich tapestry of tradition seamlessly blends with innovative spirit.

The Magic Behind their Gin

Committed to handcrafting premium small-batch spirits, they prioritise locally sourced ingredients and employ both traditional and modern techniques in an eco-friendly manner. Their distillery, located in Gnangara within the Northlink Industrial Park, is where they precisely craft their beverages.

From design and planning to product development and quality control, their processes span up to six months ensuring each bottle meets their high standards.  Prioritising quality over quantity and releasing the products only when it meets their standards.

First Milestone for their Business 

A significant milestone was the launch of their inaugural batch of Signature gin in April 2022, debuting at the Perth Gin Festival and earning a bronze medal at the Australian Gin Awards. The positive feedback from customers has been overwhelming, with many proclaiming their gin as their new favourite or even the best they've ever tasted.

One memorable encounter occurred at the Good Food & Wine Show 2023 when a customer, later revealed to be the legendary basketball player Lauren Jackson, declared their gin the best she had ever tasted. This encounter remains a cherished memory for the business owners.

Balancing Passion and Persistence

The business initially began as a passion project but swiftly evolved into full-time dedication for both individuals involved. Even amidst the demands of a day job, Chris and Celina remain committed, devoting evenings and weekends to the distilling process.

Operating with relentless dedication, they both recognise the reality of small business ownership. The workload is constant and it extends to every day of the week. However, they find solace in the flexibility their enterprise offers, enabling them to balance work commitments with family obligations.

The Challenges Faced

Like many small business owners, they grapple with various challenges. The costs associated with sourcing supplies at scale pose a significant hurdle with the limited access to local packaging manufacturers. Moreover, breaking into the competitive landscape of bottle shops and bars proves daunting, given their status as a smaller, lesser-known brand. Navigating these obstacles demands a delicate balance of resource management and strategic planning.

Future Plans

The aspirations for the future are ambitious yet grounded in a clear vision. The aim is to expand their product line, introducing new premium spirits to attract new customers. With dreams of opening a boutique tasting bar and bistro, they envision a space where patrons can indulge in flavourful drinks and delectable fare, fostering a sense of community.

Special Promotion 

Market attendees can take advantage of up to 15% on their gins range in our upcoming market. Additionally, loyal subscribers to Perths Maker Market are rewarded with an exclusive 10% online discount, accessible with the code "Market10" on Hillarys Distillery’s website. 

Whether you're a gin connoisseur or simply appreciate small-batch craftsmanship, Hillarys Distillery welcomes you to join their journey. Follow them on their Instagram and Facebook or alternatively explore their unique gins on their website.

Catch them at our upcoming market on the 27th of April 2024 at Markets by the Quay in Elizabeth Quay from 3pm – 8pm.